Our Organization

El Futuro is a young and dynamic organization  that has attracted national recognition for its pioneering work to provide mental health and substance abuse services to Latino families in central North Carolina.

 Many of those we help have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, human trafficking, migration trauma, and many other traumas associated with poverty and immigration.  Over the last 12 months, we served more people than ever (1,680) with more sessions (9,651) but maintained an average of about 6 visits per person – help provided that is not just crisis-oriented but also having long term impact.


 Our staff and agency have received numerous honors including the 2006 Mental Health Association in North Carolina Heroes in the Fight Award, 2007 North Carolina Latino Diamante Award, and 2007 Citizen Award from the Independent Weekly . El Futuro was named as one of two “AHEC Centers of Excellence.” 

Our most impressive achievement, however, is with each individual who achieves success! Those who come to us recover from their illness, refer family and friends, and value our support as we help them take steps toward a brighter “Futuro.”

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136 E Chapel Hill St.
Durham, NC
Phone: (919) 688-7101

319 A East 3rd St.
Siler City, NC
Phone: (919) 688-7101

Fax: (919) 688-7102