Hands Project

In respect of privacy and confidentiality, El Futuro IMG_1383protects the identity of those helped.  However, sharing the work of El Futuro with others is important for many reasons.  Others are encouraged and inspired by the work of El Futuro and the positive impact it has on the community – this includes members of the Latino community and non-Latino community.  Some are encouraged to come to El Futuro for help they previously didn’t think was available or for a problem they didn’t think could be helped.  Some are prompted to volunteer and help grow the work.  Others are prompted to make a contribution to support El Futuro.


The Hands Project is a way El Futuro can share stories of success with others because it shelters the identity of individuals but allows their story to be told in a unique way!  At the end of treatment or at some point along the way, an El Futuro clinician and their client may decide to celebrate the progress by participating in the Hands Project.  A picture is taken of the client’s hands – doing something related to their improvement or symbolic of their success.  The picture is framed and:  One is given to the client.  One is placed on the wall in the El Futuro waiting room where others can read a short description of the success and be encouraged.


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