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La Mesita – Latino Mental Health Network

In our years of experience providing mental health services for Latinos, one thing has become really clear to us — we need others in order to keep it up!  We need community!



We’re building a network to connect people providing mental health services and substance use treatment to Latino members of the community.  We’re calling the network “La Mesita” to keep in focus that the network is like coming around a table to talk, share, and learn together.



We are forming this network to hopefully help you and help us.  The goals of La Mesita are to:

  • Enhance the quality of services being delivered
  • Reduce professional isolation and burnout
  • Build a community of support for advice, references, and continued learning



La Mesita is made up of a combination of activities with the hope of addressing various aspects of practice and making a significant impact on outcomes.  

La Mesita Vision


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And please also know that we won’t share your information and we won’t pepper you with emails!


Thank you to the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust for their support for the development of a Latino Mental Health Network and resource sharing opportunities like this one.


Webinars & Resources

Need some inspiration?  Need to hear a new voice or outlook?  Want to post a job or join our next webinar?

Sign up for our La Mesita Mighty Network.  Use this link to join and then grab a coffee and take time to read through our La Mesita posts and resources.  This is where we will have conversations, share relevant articles and webinars, communicate webinar information, post job opportunities, and ask for referrals. Please pull up a chair and join the conversation!

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