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The El Futuro Durham office now has walk-in clinic hours. These are for new referrals only – people who are not currently in treatment. No appointment is needed.
Walk-in hours are from 9am to 12pm each Monday through Thursday. 

 General Referrals

Please click here for referrals to El Futuro.

Primary care and healthcare providers, Schools, Telepsychiatry, DWI Services and JCPC please scroll down for appropriate link.




 Primary Care and Healthcare Providers

Please click here to find out how to have your patients evaluated at El Futuro.





Please click here to find out how to have students evaluated at El Futuro.






 DWI Services

El Futuro has two Spanish-speaking substance abuse counselors on staff. To find out more about what services we offer, please click here.





We provide telepsychiatry consultations (videoconference) with a growing number of clinics throughout the state.  Clinics working with El Futuro can click here for patient registration prior to the appointment so we have the appropriate information.




 Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC)

Please click here to find out how to refer individuals for services.






 For Churches and Congregations

Although we are not a faith-based organization, we recognize and respect the role that faith plays in the lives of many of our clients. In order to find out more about how faith groups can support El Futuro and our clients, click here.




Hands Photo Resource Library Book List

We encourage our clients to empower themselves through knowledge. To that effect, we have provided a list of resources in both Spanish and English for our clients (and everyone else!) to use. To explore this list, click here.






(last updated: 11/13/14)

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Durham, NC
Phone: (919) 688-7101

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