El Futuro Biannual Conference

on Latinx Mental Health



Thank you for everyone who participated in our 2020 Biannual Conference on Latinx Mental Health!

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Turning Best Practices in Latinx Mental Health Into Action

Look out for announcements about our next conference taking place in 2022!


October 14-15, 2020


Our two-day virtual conference had engaging interactive sessions on a range of topics related to providing culturally responsive care to the Latinx community.

We were joined by expert speakers in the field of Latinx mental health from across the country who came to share practical knowledge and strategies from their research on Latinx mental health that participants could take away and implement in their work. Topics discussed included ethnic identity development, colorism and discrimination, culturally sensitive assessment and care, incorporating spirituality in your care, as well as some fun and relaxing activities to break up our days in front of the screen.

Read more info on our speakers here! 

Thank you to Duke University Health System for sponsoring this event!