TeleECHO Clinic: Latino Mental Health


Increasing Evidence-Based Practice Capacity in Latino Mental Health Care

Join us Fridays 12PM-1PM 

Too often, clinicians in NC serving the Latinx community find themselves isolated and limited in their access to the latest knowledge and best practices.

As a result, El Futuro is launching it’s very own Project ECHO initiative for Mental Health Care with the Latinx population in NC! As part of the El Futuro’s wider Latino Mental Health Provider Network, La Mesita, ECHO will help mental health and primary care providers across the state to receive expert case consultations and access to the latest research through the power of video consultation.

Moving knowledge, not patients:

  • Through El Futuro’s ECHO initiative, clients across the state will gain access to the best mental healthcare from their own local providers
  • Mental Health and primary care professionals will increase their capacity to acquire and implement the latest practices as well as receive much needed support and sense of community from fellow providers.
  • Reduced provider stress/isolation + increased knowledge/capacity = improved client health outcomes

Upcoming ECHO sessions:


Follow these easy steps to join our ECHO!

This is how we will be able to have your information to know to contact you with links to the calls and any updates that we need to send out (one time registration only).

To try to be as time efficient as possible, check out this 48 second video. We are asking that everyone signs into zoom with their first and last name. Instructions on how to change your name on zoom.

After registering with El Futuro our staff will send you a link to register with AHEC. You will not be able to attend the ECHO clinic without registering here. 

We offer CEUs, CEs, CMEs, and Psychology Category A credit. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer NBCC credit for El Futuro ECHO Clinic Sessions at this time (registration per block/ series of topics for continuing education credits).

An email will be sent out 2 days prior to each session with the video conferencing link for Zoom. We recommend you take a little time prior to the session to download Zoom and troubleshoot any sound/video issues.

If you plan to have any other members of your staff on the call, we ask that you share these links with them as well and register with El Futuro and AHEC (Numbers 1 and 3 above)

For any questions, please email