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The El Futuro Durham office has walk-in clinic hours.  These are for new referrals only – people who are not currently in treatment. No appointment is needed. Walk-in hours are from 9am to 12pm each Monday through Thursday.  Problems? If you are having any problems with sending people our way, faxing us information, or receiving communications from us, please contact Sarelli […]

Group Therapy

Strengthening Families

SPARCS – Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress – El Futuro’s current group therapy initiative features SPARCS: a 16 session group intervention therapy program designed to help students build communication skills, problem solving abilities, and better engage in the learning environment. This group intervention program takes place at our downtown Durham clinic with […]

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NY Times Article

Undocumented Immigrants Fear Repercussions Of Accessing Healthcare The State of Things – WUNC July 28, 2017 By Jennifer Brookland & Anita Rao   Unauthorized Immigrants Steer Clear of Medical Care The New York Times June 26, 2017 by Jan Hoffman A version of this article appears in print on June 27, 2017, on Page D1 […]

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