Alcoholic beverages, despite generating a great addiction, have a great social acceptance, which makes the presence of alcohol very normal for our society and makes it difficult to detect if the person has an addiction. Here we want to show you some of the most important signs to recognize if there is an alcohol addiction problem.

1. “stretch” the social excuse to drink in advance
When people have an alcohol problem, they tend to justify their consumption moments before the possibility of drinking more. For example, Carlos knows that at 4:00 pm he will meet with his friends to celebrate his birthday and that is why he starts drinking at 2:00 pm as an excuse before the social event that is coming up.

2. Some drinks are beginning to be considered “non-alcoholic”
A good part of people with this health problem begins to consider that low alcohol drinks, such as beer, are not true alcoholic beverages. Consequently, they have an excuse to consume more.

3. In social contexts, always with a glass in hand
It is theorized that any time that you cannot drink, even if it is very brief, it is considered as something that causes discomfort, especially if there are bottles in sight.

4. Check your drink reservations
It is about breaking moments of concentration to ensure that there are still enough bottles of liquor available and avoid the situation that there are no more bottles and without a place to buy them, it is considered that it would be worse to run out of reserve.

5. When you arrive at a hotel room, check the mini-bar
Checking out the minibar is the first thing to do before exploring other exciting room amenities. In fact, before booking, make sure the room has a minibar available.

6. A logic is used that allows “subtracting bottles”
Finding irrational excuses for not believing there is a drinking problem and still having a good self-image. For example, when Carlos wants to know how many bottles he has had in the day or in the week, he will not count the ones he drank while walking briskly for 10 minutes because he thinks that having been walking compensates for the influence of alcohol.

7. Drink very fast
This is one of the most striking signs of alcohol addiction. Alcoholic people tend to drink more quickly than the rest, as others tend to sip as “support” for the social context, and not as if it were one of the main tasks of the day.

8. You break contact with friends who don’t drink
People with alcohol addiction structure their entire social life around meetings where, by default, they drink. Thus, little by little he will move away from people who are abstainers or who drink little.

If you suspect you have a problem with alcohol, give us a call! We can help you.

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