We are a nonprofit outpatient clinic that provides comprehensive mental health services for Latino families in a bilingual environment of healing and hope. We keep nurturing stronger familias to live out their dreams

Our facilities will be closed on January 16th

Mental health during the holidays

Mental health during the holidays

This article was penned by one of our beloved staff members, Mary Jones. Mary is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico but now lives with her bicultural family in the triangle.When we think of...

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El Futuro provides direct services to clients, as well as training to help others provide more effective services.

Outpatient mental health services

We provide treatments that foster emotional health and wellbeing for the entire family. Clients can engage in individual or group therapy and access psychiatric and case management services.

Training and technical assistance

Our Latino Mental Health Provider Network (La Mesita) connects providers around North Carolina who serve the Latino community, helping decrease professional burnout and improve the quality of care for Latino families through the broader use of evidence-based practices.

Community and rural support

Because we believe accessibility is important, we provide school-based and telehealth services. Since we’re the leading bilingual clinic offering comprehensive treatment in NC, families from over 20 counties come for our services.

Research and evaluation

We actively engage in patient-centered research when it furthers our mission and helps the people we serve. We’re actively expanding our applied research, program evaluation, and dissemination activities. Our long-term goal is to develop into a national model and resource center for Latino mental health and substance use treatment services.




Counties Served


Improved function in social and family roles


of clients were unaccompanied minors


clinical improvement or stabilization

Crime victims served

(in their home country, during migration, or in the U.S.)

*All numbers reflect data collected in FY2021

La Mesita Latino Mental Health Provider Network

In our years of experience providing mental health and substance use services to Latino immigrant families, one thing has become clear to us — we need others in order to keep it up! We need community!

That’s why we’re building a network to connect people providing services to the Latino community. We call the network “La Mesita” to keep in focus that the network is like coming around a table to talk, share, and learn together.

Interested in joining? Read more here!

Hands Project

When she first came to El Futuro as an 8th grader, she was thinking about dropping out of school and couldn’t stop crying because of her sadness. She didn’t want to listen to her parents and bristled when anyone tried to give her advice. She found out about El Futuro when we made a presentation at her middle school. As a result of therapy and targeted treatment, she gradually became more hopeful and a lovely smile returned to her face. In 9th grade she made the soccer team. In 10th grade she celebrated her Quinceañera. In 11th grade she took her first AP class. In her senior year, after receiving a letter of acceptance from UNC Chapel Hill, she dashed off an email to El Futuro to share her exciting news: “Thank you for helping me and encouraging me!” Her note was signed, “A fresh new Tarheel to be.”

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