ADHD Empowerment

Hello! Welcome to El Futuro’s video portal and El Faro program where you will find resources and educational videos about ADHD. Please feel free to explore this site.

Workbook from El Faro project

This resource is catered to parents/Guardians of children and teens suffering with ADHD. This Cuaderno is used by participants of members of our group El FARO but there are many useful resources in it that you may like. The goal is to provide you with an interactive manual where you can find resources such as links, videos and techniques to help you and your child cope with the stress and difficulties presented by this syndrome.

Video Portal ADHD

At the button below you will find several videos about ADHD. Please feel free to explore them. If you would like to provide your name after completing all 14 videos, we will send you a certification. Please note that this is completely optional, some kind of continuation here. This is all placeholder text and should not be considered final by any means. Please feel free to fill in your own text here!

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