Welcome to the El Futuro ADHD Program. From this space, we seek to provide culturally appropriate information and strategies to accompany all those in contact with children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Some of our ADHD services are:

“El Faro” – The Lighthouse: A series of classes for parents and guardians developed in conjunction with the Duke University ADHD Program, where we review different strategies for managing the behavior of children with ADHD. There are eight meetings, once a week, FREE, virtual, and in Spanish.
Videos: On the “Resources” section of this website, you will find a series of videos of less than 10 minutes that we created together with expert mothers, about ADHD.

Mentor Mothers Program: This is a group made up of mothers of children with ADHD who are further along the path and have already gone through some of the situations that other families will go through. They are available to serve as support without judgment, listening, guiding in parenting, sharing strategies, and helping with school paperwork and questions to health professionals, among other things. They are mothers who receive training and continuous supervision from El Futuro to accompany families to advocate for their children. Learn more by watching the video below.

“El Faro” Advanced: is an open group for those people who have already finished El Faro classes. These monthly meetings aim to exchange experiences and knowledge with other families.
Coaching/Tutoring: individual meetings for parents and children/adolescents with ADHD who are patients of El Futuro.
Presentations in schools and organizations: dissemination and training on addressing ADHD with Hispanic families. For interested parties, write to or

More materials and resources that we make together with other organizations:

Podcast: “How to prepare your children with ADHD for school success”
Children with ADHD need personalized accommodations for their specific needs to have the best learning experience throughout their school life. In this episode, Tamara Schlez, BA, ADHD coach and participation specialist for the organization “El Futuro,” talks about comorbid learning disabilities, the differences between the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Section 504, and the different roles that doctors, schools, teachers, and parents have in implementing the tools for a child’s success.

Podcast: What happens to parents when they hear that their child has ADHD?
In this episode of All Things ADHD podcast, presenters Tamara Schlez and Miguelina Suero from the El Futuro organization talk about how parents feel when they discover that their child has ADHD. They share personal stories and talk about the whirlwind of emotions parents experience when they receive this news. They talk about cultural issues and stigma in the Latino community regarding ADHD and how parents can find a balance between traditional values and the needs of their children. They discuss the challenges parents face in finding support and resources for their children’s education and behavior. Tami and Miguelina provide strategies and resources to help parents cope and advocate for their children, with the goal of creating a community where parents can talk about and accept ADHD.