Our Core Values

The values of El Futuro are a reflection of what we do and how we do it. Inspired by the Latino community and its culture, they are the soul of our organization.


A place to be yourself

Belonging – A place to be yourself

We envision a community where a sense of Belonging is felt by everyone, where we make connections, and where we can be our authentic selves. We work together to ensure that no one is isolated or judged and that El Futuro is a welcoming place where everyone feels accepted, safe, and valued for their individuality.

Calor Humano

Connection through warmth and empathy

Calor Humano – Connection through warmth and empathy

is the foundation and essence of who we are at El Futuro. Human connection is at the core of healing and well-being for our clients and staff. We bring warmth, humility, empathy, dignity, and respect to our interactions with each other and to the community we serve, making Calor Humano a way of being at El Futuro.


Better together

Community – Better together

Community creates a sense of purpose. We are committed to creating a culture of solidarity, togetherness, and collaboration. We complement each other, we learn from one another, and we are more powerful to achieve our shared vision when we come around it together as a community. We strive to create a culture where people find joy and connectivity in nurturing familias to live out their dreams.


Always finding a way forward

Resilience – Always finding a way forward

Resilience allows us to persist in the face of adversity. We reflect on our clients’ and our own journeys to seek safety and opportunities. When faced with challenges, we move through them, hold space to try again, encourage each other, and find creative ways to heal and grow.


Opens doors

Trust – opens doors

We are inspired by the Trust our clients and the community place in El Futuro and are committed to maintaining and reflecting that trust within the workplace. We understand that transparency, vulnerability, and open communication are integral to creating genuine connections with each other.