Parent Education

We know that parents play a powerful role in the mental health of their children. To that end, El Futuro offers several educational opportunities for parents to learn about promoting healthy behaviors and supporting their children through mental health challenges.

Lazos Fuertes

We offer monthly webinars for parents of teens and preteens. Topics include building connections, establishing routines, safe and healthy technology use, and supporting children with depression. 

El Faro (ADHD Program)

Five-week course where parents of children with ADHD find a supportive community and learn techniques to help their children manage emotions and improve school and family life. We also offer one-on-one coaching, peer mentoring, and wrap-around support for children with ADHD and their parents.

Las Señales Tempranas

Webinar for parents about how to recognize the early signs of substance abuse and support young people who are struggling with addiction.

Juventud Feliz y Segura

Immersive activity where teens attempt various tasks while wearing fatal vision glasses that mimic the effects of alcohol and drugs. Teens will learn about the risks of substance use, and parents learn strategies for promoting healthy behaviors.

For information about current offerings, contact us here.


“Sometimes you get stuck in your own world and say, ‘it’s me and my daughter or me and my son who are suffering with this diagnosis,’ but there are a lot of moms that are also suffering the same way, and we can help each other to get better.”

El Faro Participant

“The presentation by the two therapists was very good. The most interesting part of all was the four steps they gave us to achieve effective communication with our teenagers.”

Lazos Fuertes Participant

“What I learned in this class is to be a bit more tolerant with our children.”

Lazos Fuertes Participant

“What I learned today is that we can ask our children in a curious, non-judgmental way if they are having thoughts of attempting to take their life.”

Lazos Fuertes Participant

“Now I learned that we are not alone, and there are people to ask for help, and that there are people who are struggling the same as me.”

Lazos Fuertes Participant