As we continue celebrating 20 years of services to the Latino community, our Client Care and Engagement Manager, Mary Jones, has some reflections and words of encouragement.

We want to share some lessons learned that have impacted our work and our hearts as an organization over the course of these 20 years. 

  • We’ve gained valuable insights into supporting mental health in youth and addressing substance use challenges through efforts like the Latine Young Adult and Adolescent Advisory Council (LAYA), where youth guide the improvement of our youth-focused programs; through Mi Voz Nuestra Salud, a learning collaborative of adolescents, parents, community health workers, and community agencies; and through the Immigrant Mental Health Solidarity Network, a diverse network of North Carolinians with the common purpose of studying the systemic barriers to mental health care access for immigrants and developing policy and system changes to achieve better health.
  • We’ve learned to support others who may not be as vocal in their struggle, to encourage parents to be present with their children, and to have resources available to understand more about mental health.
  • We’ve celebrated the resilience and strength of individuals on their mental health journeys, and encourage open conversations within families, communities, and workplaces. Let’s normalize this important topic!
  • We’ve supported organizations and initiatives prioritizing community-driven approaches and culturally responsive care, recognizing the unique challenges that providers who work with the Latino community face on a daily basis.
  • We’ve recognized the crucial role of community mental health workers in addressing the mental health crisis and increasing demand for services. Their dedication and expertise are essential in providing culturally sensitive care and addressing stigma.
  • We’ve advocated for increased training programs and incentives to attract more professionals to serve these communities.

To our clients, donors and funders, Board Members, colleagues/staff members, collaborators, partner organizations, and everyone who has embarked on this journey with us, we want to extend our gratitude and admiration. Together, we continue breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for mental health.