Welcome to the El Futuro calendar. Here you will find all the events, groups and classes that are open to the general public. We hope it will be helpful to you and your family. We want to see you soon!

El Faro Class – open to the public


El Futuro offers a free class for any Spanish speaking parent who has a child with ADHD. This is a 5 week class that is held throughout the year. Participants receive a workbook in the mail and a certificate of completion for attending the classes.

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Community Suppport Circle / Círculo Comunitario de apoyo


We will hold a space for the challenging emotions the loss of a loved one can leave behind. Our circle will validate the healing effect of coming together as a community to support each other.

We will have information available about how to prevent domestic and gender violence, and about the existing resources in the area for those who need them.

We have a number of free classes and seminars for parents and support groups. for clients Also see our different online resources. Below you can see more events and relevant dates throughout the year.