We believe it is important to continue raising awareness about mental health among youth, adults, and families in our community. We have a mission for you: join us and take actions that really make a difference in the society that surrounds each one of us. We encourage you to carry out these 5 actions to help us with this mission:

1. Seek training in Mental Health First Aid which has courses for adults and youth.

2. Give generously and organize to funnel resources to organizations that provide mental health services.

3. Check in with the words you use to make sure they humanize people who live with substance abuse disorders or mental illness. There are lots of resources around “person-first” language and you can start with this one from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

4. Bring mental health awareness into the workplace. Post a blog on your company’s website about mental health. Make sure all employees know about mental health resources like Employee Assistance Programs or HR office hours. Mental Health America created a smart report that you can share with your employer.

5. Volunteer with us or support our cause in any way you can. Check how here.