Get delicious, locally-roasted, sustainably sourced coffee from Anima Sana! 100% of the profits will support El Futuro’s mission


Victor Bennett founded Anima Sana with the help of Little Waves Roaster and Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, NC. The primary goal of Anima Sana is to provide resources for mental health for people who could really use it now. Everyone working on Anima Sana volunteers their time so 100% of the proceeds can go to organizations. El Futuro is grateful to be the first recipient.

During the pandemic, Victor realized that many Hispanics were put in tremendously stressful situations. They made up a lot of the essential jobs, were hourly workers who didn’t have the savings cushion to not work, or had family relying on their income. Many people in those situations didn’t have the resources to get mental health support to cope.

Even those who were able to get support often didn’t have counselors familiar with their particular cultural considerations. Having grown up in a very diverse community in San Diego, CA, he knew how different populations were often lumped together but the culture–and skills–of each could be so different.

Seeing these diverse communities living here in North Carolina, Victor was influenced to do something to support Latino mental health. The Black Lives Matters movement shining a light on the similar challenges faced by the Black community made him want to extend his work to help that community.

Looking at how much need there is, he would like to do more: “If we can scale this up, we can make a difference. People can get good coffee, contribute to the organizations benefiting from the proceeds, support Little Waves Roaster and Cocoa Cinnamon and help their staff stay employed during COVID-19, of which they help develop farmers and that part of the business helps support Durham, NC.” With the help of his partners, intern Nathalia Borges, and El Futuro he is on the path to do just that.

Visit and see all products they are offering. Share this neat opportunity with your friends and family so that they too can help support and enjoy a delicious cafecito.