Thank you for joining the party to celebrate the Latino culture in Durham this month. Our Plaza Futuro was full of mothers with their families, full of smiles and culture. We are happy to have the opportunity to connect with our community and provide mental health beyond the clinic walls. Why do we do this? We asked Mary Jones, our Manager of Client Care and Engagement at El Futuro. See what she said.

“La Kermes means a celebration of Latin American culture and color! It is a time to come together in solidarity and community to celebrate who we are and be proud of it! The Kermes raises our sense of belonging and the value that as immigrants, we bring to this country, without ceasing to have our hearts in our country of origin. It is an event that displays the leadership of our community, and the support that El Futuro gives with open arms, to continue dreaming and strengthening families! Long live The Kermes and our Comunidad!”

Also, we want to highlight the amazing work from all our volunteers, vendors with their delicious food that transport us to our roots, dancers from all over Latino America, Dj Baez playing the best latino music, Oscar Cervantez with an amazing Zumba class and all our supportes.

“I am proud of my Hispanic/Latino roots and I would like for other people to get to know us through our music, dance, food and arts and I also love to learn about other Latin American countries too. I love supporting this event because it spreads the awareness of our cultures and people who don’t know us, can see more than just a taco or a 5 de mayo .” – Susana Diaz, volunteer