Our therapeutic garden is a space for interaction for our community. Children and adults are always welcome to enjoy and make this space theirs.

We want this space to be used to make families feel love and at home, also we want to improve it so that more families can enjoy it. That’s why in collaboration with LTNA, Tuscaloosa-Lakewood Neighborhood Association, we seek to learn more about what our community wants to see or have in this space and to take steps to improve it.

To do that, we need your help! We ask you to fill out the form at the button below and tell us about your experiences with our garden, your expectations, things that connect you with your native home, and what you would like us to have in this space.

About LTNA: Tuscaloosa-Lakewood Neighborhood Association (TLNA) serves more than 500 Durham households in the area bounded by Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard (Business 15-501), Chapel Hill Road, James Street, and a small section of Lakewood Avenue. We are a diverse community of mixed incomes, lifestyles, and backgrounds. Some of our residents have lived here for decades, but there are plenty of recent arrivals as well. We have a strong neighborhood identity and commitment among residents who work to ensure the neighborhood’s preservation and vitality.