Technical Assistance & Consultation

Technical Assistance & Consultation

ALMA supports organizations in overcoming barriers to providing high-quality mental health services to Latine communities. Through our process of assessment, goal development, and consultation, ALMA collaborates with your agency to increase your ability to reach Latine individuals in a culturally responsive manner.

Examples of how ALMA can assist agencies in supporting Latine experiences include tailored suggestions for:

  • Developing signage, materials, and forms in Spanish and incorporating images and themes in decor and materials reflecting Latine communities
  • Integrating personnel policies focused on hiring, retaining, and promoting bilingual and Latine staff
  • Adopting financial policies that allow access to services for uninsured clients
  • Offering non-traditional scheduling and service locations

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The ALMA Process

ALMA works in partnership with organizations, using the principles of implementation science, to offer personalized services that match their unique goals and needs. We do this by:


  • Providing guided assessments to identify organizational strengths and areas for growth
  • Engaging agencies in goal-planning to increase their capacity to provide care to their local Latine communities
  • Supporting organizations through technical assistance to increase the accessibility of mental health care to Latine communities.

Why partner with ALMA?

Roberto was an energetic 8-year-old when he was referred to mental health services because of his disruptive behavior and difficulty in following instructions at school. His parents were confused and overwhelmed and efforts to get Roberto help were repeatedly frustrated by language barriers, cultural differences, and his parents’ limited resources.

After implementing the plan you developed with ALMA, Roberto’s family found the support they needed from your agency–caring mental health providers who spoke their language, who met at times that fit the family’s needs, and who worked with Roberto and his family to create a culturally-responsive therapy plan. Working with ALMA can give your agency an opportunity to create a more accessible and culturally responsive path forward for families like Roberto’s.


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