When we thought of creating our therapeutic garden a few years ago, one of the main purposes was so that our Latino neighbors could have a place to belong and feel welcomed. Years later, the therapeutic garden has become much more than we ever dreamed of. Not only is it a place where families from all backgrounds come to play and relax, it has truly become a place where Latino families feel as if they are in their native country, enjoying the rushing creek and the fresh breezes. It’s a place where parents allow their children to be free and to enjoy being outside, together.

This wonderful garden was where our Kermes community fiesta took place on May 22nd! It was a day where hundreds of people came together to dance, play, enjoy delicious food, buy beautiful traditional handicrafts, listen to live music, laugh, smile, and have fun together.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the families who joined us. Events of this type allow us to continue strengthening the mental health of Latino families in North Carolina.

Of course, this event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors. A huge THANKS to Luna Nightclub, Kontek, Bluefox Ventures, Bright Black, Lenovo, James Scott Ferrin, Duke Office of Durham & Community Affairs, Hansell Painting, and Incline Construction.

Check out some of our favorite moments from that day with our beloved community.