This May, El Futuro is launching our “Spring Into Action” Fundraising Campaign as part of May Mental Health Month. The goal of this campaign is to invite the entire community to support access to mental health for young people and their families as well as to continue developing our Therapeutic Garden as a space to belonging, human warmth and peace.

This month, “Spring into Action” seeks to raise $100,000. Through this investment, El Futuro will have the ability to strengthen its team of bilingual therapists and offer more mental health and substance use services to Latino families in Durham and North Carolina, especially to children and adolescents.

In addition, as part of this campaign, we will celebrate our bi-annual Kermes Community Fiesta and our Inaugural Mental Health Action Day event focused on the mental and emotional health of young people.

“This March, El Futuro saw the highest number of clients in the history of our organization. And we know that that doesn’t even begin to address the comprehensive needs in our community for therapy, psychiatry and substance abuse treatment! Now, the adolescent mental health crisis is demanding all of society to reflect on the best ways to support our youth and young adults. Our Spring into Action campaign is set on raising $100,000 to ensure that culturally responsive mental health care be widely available and that families can chart a path to health and hope.” – commented Mary Coffman, Advancement Manager at El Futuro about the importance of this campaign for the community.

“Spring into Action” events, which will bring together young people around mental health

Thanks to a financial grant from MTV, we will be celebrating our first ever youth-focused event on mental health called Voces Unidas. It will take place May 18 in El Futuro’s Therapeutic Garden. This event, which will take place from 4pm to 8pm, will officially kick off El Futuro’s new program called LAYA (Latine Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health Program), to increase mental health awareness among young people seeking help and inspire action.

“With the financial support from MTV, we are going to be able to take important steps to increase the visibility of mental health, break down barriers to talking about mental health, and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, has access to the support and resources they need to care for their mental health. and wellness. We are deeply grateful for this partnership and look forward to continuing to collaborate in efforts to create a world where mental health is a priority for all and where Latino youth, teens, and young adults experience the support and compassion they need to thrive,” shares Rachel Siegel, Therapist and Leader of the LAYA project of El Futuro.

In addition, we will gather the mothers of the Latino community to celebrate our traditional community festival, Kermés, this May 7, also in the Therapeutic Garden. There will be music, traditional Latino food, games, dancing and community – all with a focus on connection and healing.

We invite you to join these events that we will carry out during the month of May and also to consider a donation for mental health.

Together, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of our community, and that starts with addressing comprehensive care for our teens and young people.