Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work Group Charter

To support El Futuro in becoming an anti-racist organization, we need to reflect on our individual and organizational shortcomings and to understand, acknowledge, and voice who we are; and to understand how our backgrounds, circumstances, identities, and experiences intersect and impact our organization and the clients we serve.

To recognize that it has taken a long time to have this conversation and to remember that we grow when we are uncomfortable. It is okay to apologize when we cause harm; after all, we are all learning how to dismantle systems that are deeply ingrained in our society which impacts our organization and work on a daily basis.

To learn from one another.

To take action towards creating specific and direct/implementable infrastructures and avenues within the organization for dismantling racism and systemic oppression in an ongoing fashion by empowering the people of color in the organization and by holding ourselves accountable to the goals we set.

To create opportunities for growth, to elevate racial equity in our workplace.

Last updated July 2020