Donor-Advised Funds

In the rapidly changing world of charitable giving, Donor Advised Funds (DAF) are growing as a method of channeling donations toward effective nonprofits. DAF allow donors to benefit from a tax deduction at the moment they donate to the Fund, and the DAF makes it easy to allocate grants to nonprofits from the Fund at the donor’s request.

El Futuro works with many major DAF sponsor organizations to make the process as smooth as possible for donors who wish to direct grants to El Futuro. Our Advancement and Finance teams are ready to answer any questions that potential donors might have about our work and about the DAF process.

Grants made to El Futuro through Donor Advised Funds can be designated to use wherever the need is greatest in our mission to nurture stronger familias to live out their dreams. They can also be aligned with specific programs or activities according to the donors’ interests, including but not limited to individual, group, or family treatment programs, school-based care, tele-mental health services, community engagement through our green space or other partnerships in support of stronger Latino families, or the training and technical assistance we offer other Latino mental health providers in NC. We’re happy to talk with you about what areas of our work align most closely with your interests as a donor.

Clients of Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, and BNY Mellon can easily make a designation through the DAF Direct window on this page.

For more information, please contact Dave Mills, CPA, at 919-688-7101 x609 or at