El Futuro joined MTV Entertainment Group and more than 700 partners to encourage and empower people to take #MentalHealthAction on Thursday, May 20th.
Also, spread the word so during this month of Mental Health Awareness people know about what we do and how we can help our community.

During this critical moment of the pandemic and the situation with the world economy, El Futuro and 700 other organizations, brands, government agencies, and cultural leaders joined the campaign led by MTV Entertainment Group to celebrate the inaugural Day of Mental Health Action on Thursday. May 20th during Mental Health Awareness Month.

This movement seeks to change the mental culture and encourage the community to take action for the mental health of themselves or the people around them. Cultural and political leaders are among the new partners who are committed to encouraging and empowering their followers, fans, and constituents to take action on their mental health.

At El Futuro we want to make a call to action for you to take control over your mental health. Today we invite you to join us, come to our green space, take a photo either a selfie or with your family and share it on social networks telling us about your mental health action which you want to commit today.

Taking yoga classes, going for a walk with a loved one, talking about your thoughts with someone you trust, supporting a charitable event to help others, etc., are some examples that we share with you so that you can exercise your mental health.