Starting this 2024 gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past two decades and what we hope and dream of in the future. What lessons have we learned? What is our legacy for future generations?

This 2024 is the year that marks 20 years of El Futuro’s services to the Latino community and two decades of providing mental health services and substance use treatment to resilient and amazing Latino clients.

In this year of celebration, our vision is to serve even more of our community members with quality, culturally informed/responsive, evidence-based, psychiatry and mental health therapy services. We are excited about the Community Health Workers program, the newly funded Peer Support Specialists program to be launched later this year, the advancement of Rural Mental Health services, the advocacy efforts and policy formulation to address statewide Immigrant Mental Health needs and services, the enhancement of our case management services, a community-led program for Latino Youth and Adolescents and the continued collaboration and partnerships with the agencies that share our goals and dreams.

“20 years ago there was a lot of fear in the community, so they preferred to hide what was happening, try to ignore it, and not draw attention to themselves by trying to seek help. Trust is what allowed us to get closer, and that was where we saw a real change. Today, we have taken mental health to another level because it is not just about providing a service, but rather elevating everything we do in a holistic, inclusive, and culturally responsible way. We want the transformation to continue happening in the community, for El Futuro to be a place where they feel welcome, connected to their roots, a place where people feel grounded in their new home, less afraid and more empowered.”, said Luke Smith, El Futuro’s Executive Director and Psychiatrist.

We are ready for more! More healing, more health, more assistance and support to our clients, more connections, stronger families, more children enjoying their classes and growing up in a safe environment, more mothers smiling and feeling supported, more teens being mental health ambassadors, a stronger and healthier Latino community.

To our clients, donors and funders, Board members, colleagues/staff members, collaborators, partner organizations, and everyone that has embarked on this journey with us, we want to extend our gratitude and admiration. Your support and trust are the keys to our success.

Cheers to 20 years! We look forward to celebrating more decades of walking alongside you.