El Librito is our new tool to tell you the mural story called ‘Libertad’ and how it came about. You will find a lot of symbols that represent us along with what El Futuro does to help the community.

To tell this story we want to introduce you Michael. He is an 8-year-old friend of El Futuro, whose story has become an inspiration to us.

We met Michael and his family when we knocked on their door with an invitation to help us paint the community mural at our clinic in Durham, which they accepted. When we walked together along the outdoor mural that day, Michael delighted in showing us where he painted the kids’ silhouettes, pointing out which one is him, which is his friend, and his brother. He was excited to be part of our mural.

Michael walked here from El Salvador. Walked!! Maybe not surprisingly his favorite part of the mural is the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of hope for many sojourners to our country. He’s never seen it in person, but this is what he said:

“When I see it I feel happy. I feel good, and I like it.”

Michael and his family are not patients at El Futuro, but they are part of our community and they are grateful to be a part of the mural process. It was a gift to them. This is the way they support our work so that other families can feel welcome and like they belong as well. Michael came a long way to feel at home, which is why he’s drawn to the huge “Bienvenidos a Casa” – Welcome Home message on our mural. We hope our community feels that sense of home too.

Inside the book they’ll find the story and meanings of the symbols as well as activities. Download your Librito by clicking here. It’s FREE!

if you want to help more people get access to El Librito, you can make your contribution by clicking HERE. With a donation of $100 you can provide 20 copies of the Librito, sticker sheet, and a small box of crayons to children and families!