Breaking down on-campus and community-based mental health resources for UNC students

As the spring 2022 semester starts, an array of mental health services exist for students to use regardless of the severity of mental health issues a student may be experiencing. These include both short-term initial therapy and longer-term options both on and off-campus.

We serve the Latinx and Spanish-speaking community, including recent, second, or multigenerational immigrants. Clients can choose to speak Spanish or English as all of the staff is bilingual and has the cultural lens on the work.

We’re located in Durham and Siler City and our mission is to provide mental health care to the Spanish-speaking community surrounding Durham, Orange County, Chatham County, and other surrounding counties.

In addition to therapy and counseling, we offer case management services, which connect people to resources such as food, shelter, access to applying to benefits, job resources, and other needs that community members come in with needing access to and information about.

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The article is taken from The Daily Tar Heel.