This past May was Mental Health Month and a time for all of us to come together and raise awareness and resources to build a better community.

Thanks to you, our Community Challenge Campaign raised over $100,000 for El Futuro services during the month of May and spread the word far and wide about mental health care, awareness, and love! We are excited to be able to help our youth! And more families will be able to see their dreams come true.

Children and adolescents want to feel safe, happy, and whole and they are doing the best they can to navigate the pandemic and all of its challenges. However, professionals who work with children have been seeing higher-than-ever rates of anxiety, depression, and fear.

Our physician partners have told us that the number one pediatric referral for children and adolescents right now is for psychological support. This is what we see at El Futuro also: an alarming increase in adolescent cries for help through self-harm, anxiety disorders, and higher rates of destructive problems.

The good news is that through this campaign these adolescents and their families will have access to timely, culturally-sensitive mental health care, where we will help to prevent acute crises from transforming into chronic, life-long illnesses.

Thanks to your contribution to the Community Challenge Campaign more than 800 children and adolescents in 2022 will have the treatment they need. Your support will help us hire more bilingual therapists trained in child and adolescent development, run support groups for parents, and improve our inner-city therapeutic garden for child play.