We are excited to announce to our community and partners this amazing book! Our psychiatrists Dr. Cecilia Ordóñez and Dr. Luke Smith contributed to the recently published book Prescribing Together! The book encourages readers to balance the focus of what to prescribe with the how-to prescribe, on how to build strong, effective prescribing relationships. Authors Warren Kinghorn, MD, ThD, and Abraham Nussbaum, MD, MTS, promote a collaborative approach between psychiatrists and patients that prioritizes empowerment and agency, emphasizing the therapeutic alliance as the clinician’s strongest asset. In chapter 10, Drs. Ordóñez and Smith are featured as they discuss prescribing in the context of somatic distress.

The authors conclude that: “Drs. Ordóñez and Smith frequently prescribe medications at El Futuro, but they do this in the context of a community that fosters relationship, trust, and human warmth. It is this affirming, expectant, listening community – and not medication alone – that brings healing.”

Ultimately, the book concludes that the primary task of mental health care is to facilitate healing relationships. This resonates strongly with the work of El Futuro where we are active inside and outside the clinic to accomplish our mission of nurturing stronger familias to live out their dreams!

You can buy this amazing book here by clicking HERE