We have continued to grow with an increase of 11% in services compared to
the previous year.



Counties Served


Improved function in social and family roles


of clients were unaccompanied minors


clinical improvement or stabilization

Crime victims served

(in their home country, during migration, or in the U.S.)

Many of those we help have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, human trafficking, migration trauma, or other traumas associated with poverty and immigration. Thanks to our donors, we are able to help guide them toward a brighter futuro.

Success Stories

“Letting Go with Love”

The unexpected death of their father was a crushing blow for this family. After 20 years of marriage she was suddenly a single, working mom struggling to keep the family together while numbed by grief. Her 6 year-old daughter was sad, irritable and isolating from others. Her youngest son was angry and struggling to understand that his “Papi” would never return home. A friend suggested they go to El Futuro for help.

At El Futuro they cried, laughed, grieved and found a safe space for mourning. As part of her therapy the daughter wrote a book called “Letting Go with Love” about the loss of her father, which she shared with her extended family. Now she is smiling again, her brother is able to sleep and their mom is able to work full time. Their perseverance and grace has been an inspiration for everyone at El Futuro.


When you’re 8 years old, you shouldn’t have to live in a homeless shelter with your mother and two siblings. You shouldn’t have to witness your dad abusing your mother. You shouldn’t have to go hungry. You shouldn’t have to get picked on for crying in class. Three years ago others saw him as too sensitive and a behavior problem. His mother brought him to El Futuro with the hope of getting him help for the problems she also knew very well – depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Now, after therapy and treatment with medication, he has found his voice and his mother glows with joy when she speaks of how he has grown. The family now lives in a small duplex. They spend weekends at the park. He can sleep through the night with no nightmares and is kind to his younger brother. His school celebrates his progress as well. He made the A Honor Roll and received the Principal Award. His mother also found help at El Futuro and feels proud of her children and is reaffirmed as a mom. She says, “Ahorita me quiero yo, porque antes no me quiero yo.” (Now I like myself, before I didn’t.)

“Smiling and laughing”

She slumped in her chair with her head down the first time she came to El Futuro. She felt sad, worried and didn’t know who to trust. The obsessive thoughts and ritualistic behaviors caused her to not eat or sleep. She stayed away from friends and stopped trying at school. Her parents found help at El Futuro and now, several months later, she is smiling, attending school and laughs with her little sister.