The incorrect use of alcohol can cause different negative situations to the immediate family of the user. Some examples could be: marriage problems, financial instability, domestic violence, stress, and divorces. Negative impact on the development and upbringing of children, emotional instability, physical and emotional abuse, neglect in the care of the child, development of aggressive behavior, and poor school performance.

These are just a few examples of the direct effect that alcohol can have on the immediate family. Next, we continue to present some of the criteria that DSM-5, the manual used to diagnose alcohol use disorders, provides us with. In general, alcohol use disorder is based on a pathological pattern of behaviors related to alcohol use. During this week we will explain “social impairment”

The recurrent use of alcohol results in the failure to fulfill your main obligations at work, school or at home. This is alcohol use is affecting your performance at work, home, or school. The supervisor has called your attention to being late for work the day after drinking alcohol. Your spouse is upset with you because you are drinking and you are late for a family engagement, you prefer to go to parties with your friends, even if you have an important commitment the next day at school and you will not have time to prepare.

You continue to drink alcohol despite having persistent or recurring social or interpersonal problems caused or aggravated by the effects of alcohol. You have had problems such as fights, arguments with other people, related to the use of alcohol, although you recognize these situations, you continue to drink alcohol. You stop doing or reduce your participation in social, occupational, or recreational activities that are important to you, due to the use of alcohol. For example, you prefer to go out for a drink, but you stop participating in some social activity with your family or in some recreational activity with your children.

If you have problems with the use of alcohol, call us, we can help you.