This Thursday, October 20, we had the opportunity to meet with a group of eight lawyers where we told them how we serve the Latino community, and establish relationships of trust that will benefit our clients, especially those who must solve DWI cases. For this day we had a special guest, Adris Fortunato, who spoke about the barriers that our community faces to have their case resolved.

“At El Futuro clinic, we are committed to helping our clients. We want to give them more than classes; we want to give them an opportunity for change and help them close their case at NCDMV” – says Pablo Silva, Substance Use Therapist at the clinic.

We will continue to establish relationships of trust with stakeholders in order to benefit our clients at different levels. In this opportunity, we approach the lawyers in order to find better solutions for those clients with DWI problems.

Substance use is a disease that requires the collaboration of multiple services to help the patient progress. By working together, attorneys will be better informed of the wide range of services that El Futuro can offer to our community, and our clients will be able to find the help they need on their road to recovery.

Thanks to all the lawyers who accompanied us and made this day an opportunity to get closer to continue strengthening Latino families in North Carolina.