To the families and communities of El Futuro,

The events of Wednesday, January 6, in Washington, DC, left us feeling saddened, disappointed, shocked, and more aware of the ongoing inequities so many of us face every day living here in the United States. We imagine many of you may be feeling the same way.

We want you to know that El Futuro stands firmly against these types of senseless acts of violence that create more divisions within our community as opposed to more healing and hope. What happened in Washington, DC, namely a violent assault on our highest bodies of governance, does NOT represent the ideal espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the “beloved community.” That beloved community is a shared dream that we embrace and labor for here at El Futuro.

In the wake of these acts, our resolve to continue working toward and supporting YOU, our beloved community, is as strong as ever, and we couldn’t be more grateful to join you in this work. Together, we will continue building hope, love, healing, and dreams for the future.

Please let us know how we can support you, and know that you are seen, heard, welcomed, and loved.