It’s really exciting and helpful to see so much emphasis on mental health, preventing/addressing burnout, and healthy productivity at work in response to the challenges the pandemic has made clear. Like this article from our friends at

What most caught our attention in this article is the role that happiness levels play in productivity at work. . “In one study, they found that happy employees were 13% more productive at work.”

We love this list of happiness-boosting activities to try, shared by the folks at Trello. .

Laughter Yoga: Did you know that the body cannot distinguish between a forced laugh and a real one, so even if you pretend to laugh, your body will probably feel better after a laughter session? Here’s how it works:
🙏🏽 Warm up.
😌 Take a deep breath.
😂Complete the laugh exercises (it doesn’t matter if the laugh is genuine or not).
⚡️End feeling fresh and euphoric.

Herbal bath to relax your feet: Indulge yourself with a mini spa session in the comfort of your home with the Chinese tradition of soaking your feet in warm water for 20-30 minutes before going to sleep.

Inemuri: Do you like to take naps? Inemuri is the Japanese practice of enjoying taking a nap, and the best thing is that you can take it wherever you want.

A minimalist lifestyle: Scandinavian minimalism is about simplicity, purity and calm. Humans are animals of habit, we need order and schedules, so bringing this to the space in which we live (and many who now work remotely) helps everything to be synchronized.

Ubuntu: is a South African word meaning ‘the celebration of humanity, compassion and kindness towards others’. Nelson Mandela describes it like this: “The deep feeling that we are only human through the humanity of others; that if we achieve anything in this world, it will be in equal measure due to the work and achievements of others.”

Check out more activities and tips by reading the whole article HERE