On September 15, 2023, El Futuro received the prestigious Ohtli Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican Government for the service provided to its diaspora. The Ohtli Award recognizes and appreciates those who have helped, empowered, improved, or positively influenced the experiences of Mexican nationals residing in the United States. The Mexican Consulate selects one person or organization each year, and they chose El Futuro this year. Luke Smith, our Executive Director; Mary Jones, our Manager of Client Care and Engagement; and Luis Alvarez, Co-Chair, had the honor to accept this award at the celebration of Mexican Independence Day hosted by the Mexican Consulate in Raleigh. “It was such a special night! Because of you we are able to do this great work – thank you!!”, said Luke.

Ohtli, in the Nahuatl language, means “road” or “pathway,” at El Futuro, we pride ourselves in forging new pathways for Latinos in mental health services. For 20 years, El Futuro has dedicated itself to breaking down barriers and increasing access to mental health care services in the Latino community. At El Futuro, we provide bilingual and culturally responsive mental health services to nurture stronger families to live out their dreams. In 2022 alone, we served over 2,000 people and provided over 13,000 treatments with a success rate of 93% clinical improvement, where individuals reported experiencing decreased symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance use, ADHD, etc. Every person in our team at El Futuro is passionate about helping the Latino community, our immigrant brothers and sisters. We are grateful for the opportunity to enhance the lives of Latinos by providing treatments and an environment that allows them to improve their mental health, thrive, pursue, and achieve their aspirations for their future.

This award celebrates everyone who makes El Futuro possible. The award serves as a testament to the collective efforts of all those who contribute to the realization of this organization. El Futuro is what it is today because of all the hands that have supported and continue to support the organization. Thank you to every person who has made this possible and everyone who took part in selecting El Futuro for this award. We are incredibly grateful for the recognition and will continue to work hard to contribute to Mexican nationals’ health and well-being.

Article written by Candy Moreira BSN RN