Advancing Latinx Mental Health Access (ALMA)

What is ALMA?

El Futuro’s years of experience providing mental health and substance use services to Latinx immigrant families have taught us — this is not work we can do alone.

The La Mesita Network connects people who support the mental wellbeing of the Latinx community and provides low-cost and often free continuing education programs to help clinicians in North Carolina better serve Latinx communities.

El Futuro’s newest service division is called “ALMA” or Advancing Latinx Mental Health Access. ALMA’s aim is to expand the work of La Mesita and provide additional, deeper and more focused support to programs and agencies who have an expressed interest in increasing the accessibility of culturally responsive mental health support to Latinx people.

ALMA will work in partnership with organizations, using the principles of implementation science to offer tailored, meaningful services that match the goals and needs of unique programs. ALMA partners with agencies to build internal capacity to sustain this work in their teams, organizations and systems to reach their goals of providing quality services to the Latinx community.



What does ALMA offer?

  • Support in identifying strengths, gaps and areas for growth
  • Services offered throughout an organization to target uptake and implementation of culturally responsive practices
  • Trainings and coaching sessions tailored to meet the goals, objectives and unique needs of specific programs
  • Policy review and feedback sessions, to identify and address topics such as social drivers of health, community engagement or adherence to best practices around cultural and linguistic accessibility



We want to work with you! If this sounds interesting to your organization, please fill out the short form below to connect with an ALMA team member to speak about your organization’s needs!