As part of our mission at El Futuro to nurture stronger Latino familias to live out their dreams, we want you to know more about Azteca Grill. Azteca is owned by Victor Apolonio and his family, who came to the US to expand their opportunities. 

We asked Victor about his origins, his dreams, and his hopes for the Latino community that we both serve. Check out his response:


How did Azteca Grill begin in the community?

We came to the US from Mexico in 2000. My mother always had the magic of cooking. Back then, we decided to sell traditional homemade food driven by the dream of cooking for ourselves and for our Latino community.

We started with great enthusiasm. We rented the kitchen from the business next door – a small kitchen, but it had what we needed. Later we saw the place next door was free, and we decided to take it. From then until today, we serve traditional homemade Mexican food so our clients feel at home.


What attracted you to the El Futuro mission?

The first time I heard about El Futuro was from a client who was a patient at the clinic. I was impressed by all that they do for the Latino community. I decided to reach out and was fortunate to meet Luke and many other people who work there. My family has served as volunteers, and I feel that we are very close to them. I like the support they give to Latinos on mental health issues, and I want to be part of it.


Why is supporting Latino mental health important to you? And how does Azteca Grill support the cause?

Culturally we think that mental health is not important, but when you get here, you realize that it’s an essential issue and must be treated. Thanks to El Futuro, we can help more Latinos through the food we serve, so when there are events involving the community, we try to provide our dishes and be present for them.


What is Victor’s dream as a Latino living in the US with his business and family?

My dream and that of my family is to see our business grow and continue helping more Latinos to feel at home. The restaurant is a family business, we all work here, and it is our livelihood. Every day we wake up with the encouragement that our community knows us more for the food and not just for the name. It is simple! We don’t sell what we don’t eat at home. That is what sets us apart and what makes us feel close to other Latino clients.


Is there anything else you would like us to share with the community?

We cook by flavor and not by following a recipe! Our Latino community inspires us to continue helping and contributing with our dishes to improve the mental health of all those who need it.

To the entire community that still doesn’t know us, we want to say that in this restaurant, we offer the opportunity to feel at home again, a warm environment and above all with a lot of Latin flavor.