As El Futuro enters its twentieth year of providing mental health services to the Latino community, we look back and look forward on where we’ve come and where we are going!

This 2024 marks El Futuro’s 20th anniversary of serving a resilient and brave community. During this time, we have realized that this work has not only been due to our efforts but also to all of you, the community, the people who support us, and the organizations that believe in our mission. This is a message of gratitude and a sample of the scope and impact of what together we make possible: caring for the mental health of the Latino population.

A letter from our Clinical Director, Lucy Vidal, on 20 years of El Futuro

This 2024 gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past two decades and what we hope and dream of in the future. What lessons have we learned? What is our legacy for future generations?
This is the year that marks 20 years of El Futuro’s services to the Latino community and two decades of providing mental health services and substance use treatment to resilient and amazing Latino clients.

“El Futuro marked the end of a dark period and the rebirth of a woman who once lived among the shadows of violence and oppression. Before I came to El Futuro, my normality was pain; silence was my refuge, and shame was my constant companion. But thanks to therapy and the unwavering support of the clinic, I learned that the invisible scars of the mind can heal with the power of words and the courage to confront our own truths. Today, in 2024, I witness my transformation: an empowered woman who challenges her fears, finds answers, and embraces her own light. To the El Futuro clinic, my eternal gratitude for lighting the path in the darkest moments of my life.”

Maria Luisa Solis - El Futuro's Community Health Worker and friend

El Futuro began as a volunteer effort and has grown thanks to the care of many individuals in the community. We want to hear from you! If you would like to share a memory you have of El Futuro’s first 20 years, please click on the button below to share your story with us. 

Join us in person to celebrate at a 20th Anniversary event