El Futuro is providing virtual mental health services in the Siler City clinic. How do we do it? When a new client calls the clinic for a Siler City appointment or registration, our Clinical Assistant lets them know that our Siler City clinic is still closed for physical visits, however, we ask if the client wants to be added to the list to receive virtual attention. Then our Clinical Manager goes through the list and contacts the clients in order to do the virtual screening/registration paperwork via zoom. After that, we schedule the client for a virtual intake appointment.

If you are interested in having a virtual appointment with one of our therapists in Siler City, please call us at 919 688 7101. If you prefer to get an appointment in person with our therapists, we offer you to come to our Durham Clinic located at 2020 Chapel Hill Rd, Suite 23 during the walk-in hours, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm.

Have more questions and want to talk with our Clinical Assistant, please call us at 919 688 7101